Reality transforms as we question everything.

The Great Gathering of Souls

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others.   Unfold your own myth. –  Rumi

I started this blog with the encouragement of a fellow writer and explorer.

His authentic life — along with that of his beautiful wife — appears ordinary on the surface. But his presence, from the moment I met him, told me I had met a shaman.

To me, a shaman is one who is in touch with their own authority and power, a seer, a visionary, a true realist…one connected (or maybe reconnecting) with the heart of all that is…one who remembers who we are…one who reminds others to remember who they are.

I’ve no doubt my friend would insist on reminding me that he often doesn’t feel connected and is working his way along his personal spiritual journey. But, I’d then say, that’s where all shamans are.

Potentially, we are all shamans. We are all powerful beings with the ability to awaken from this dreamworld to our reality of infinite consciousness.

We were all born outside this box. The limitations of this matrix will only control us until we awaken and stand up. We must question everything that attempts to define and control us.

Our expressions are our sacred power. Our words and actions dynamically affect the experience of the whole planet. Together, we are creating this wild adventure.

All across the planet at this time, more and more of us are choosing to awaken and reclaim our role as loving, conscious creators.

This blog is dedicated to you, dear reader, and to all of the great gathering of souls who, together, are reshaping this world through the magical tools of our words and our actions.

You will find links on this blog to many people whose work I pay attention to. That’s not to say that I follow them, or even believe them. I find them interesting and I learn from them in some way.

I’m curious about a lot of things and keep asking questions. I don’t feel a need to form a “belief” about anything, including such things such as ETs, the real history of humankind, star seeds, black op projects, channeled information, ascended masters, secret technology, reincarnation, ascension of the planet and all sorts of other things that so many are talking about these days.

Some things, written by others, resonate with me and I re-post them here. I remain open and am listening for truth. Regardless of any temporary focus, I know, without a doubt, that we have the power to transform this reality. There is no need to look for a savior outside of ourselves. We are the heroes of our own story.

Posts honoring the work of other visionaries are found under Inspiration from Around the Web.

My personal stories, observations, and questions are found under Personal Musings.headshota

Thank you for being here at this time and for sharing in this grand, transformational adventure.

– Kathleen

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  1. love you

  2. I’m so happy that you’re here, too, at this time ;-)

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